Property professionals, how are you preparing for the weeks ahead? Here are 6 things you can do!

With corporate agencies taking a hit on the stock market this past week, many independent and boutique agencies are worried about what’s in store for them. How do you manage the risk and the change in environment? With consumer confidence down and a general air of fear and panic, it is best to stay focused on how we’re going to adapt to these changes.  Here’s a quick guide on how your agency can adapt to keep business running:
  1. Don’t panic 
    • Refocus your activities instead.
    • Prioritise the steps needed to stay productive in the upcoming weeks. Ensure you have all the tools necessary to continue working and how you’re going to manage the change in environment.
    • Touch base with your landlords and make sure that they know you will keep generating demand for their property.
    • Make sure you have virtual tours on hand, for your most popular properties
  2. Test out the work from home scenario. 
    • How well do your employees perform? What barriers are they facing and work towards eliminating those barriers to improve productivity?
    • Create either WhatsApp group chats or utilise Slack to ensure employees can easily communicate with each other when needed.
    • Studies show that 77% of remote workers stated they were more productive when working remotely, and 30% stated that they accomplished more in less time than when they worked in-house

stats on working from home

3. Refocus your energy to digital 

    • Clients will still be looking for ways to purchase or rent homes, they always are. Consider different ways in which you can target your existing customer base. This could be via Facebook advertising or doing Instagram Live Sessions where you showcase a particular property.
    • Google Ads is a great tool to use to reach out to potential customers. Google Ads also provides £120 credit when you sign-up for the first time.

4. Make use of virtual tours

    • Allow your applicants to view a property virtually, eliminating the need to travel at all.
    • XChange properties have 3D tours and videos of the properties. Virtual viewings can be requested for applicants and agents who prefer to stay at home.

5. Talk to the customers you already have 

    • Engage with your existing landlords. Now it’s the time to have that long call, hear about any issues or ideas on how to improve your work – hear it from the best person, that is your own client!

6. Hustle

    • Now more than ever it is important to work fast to close deals before strict actions are taken by the government to tackle the virus.
    • Utilise XChange and our wide network of agents to find properties faster. With XChange, you can find a property and book a viewing 60% faster than traditional methods. This works the other way around as well!
To survive, you have to prepare. At XChange, we want to ensure that our partner agents are equipped to manage the consequences of COVID-19 and we want to ensure that we can provide you with the resources to do so. Let’s get through this together.
Contact us today and we’ll help you get sorted.

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