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6 WhatsApp hacks every agent should be using now!

Gone are the days where email is the only way to get in touch with your applicants. Infact, more and more of our agent partners are using WhatsApp almost daily to keep in touch with their applicants. With many even closing deals directly through the app itself. With 80% saying that they used WhatsApp at some point in the customer journey.

We reached out to our partner agents and asked to share their whatsapp hacks with us – here is what they said.

Simply download WhatsApp for Business (on your phone or desktop) and begin! 

1) Weed out the time wasters

  • Use WhatsApp for Business as a way to qualify incoming applicants to the most suitable negotiators
  • This also offers the company a chance to make sure the inquiry is directed to your most suitable negotiator. Customers can send a message and go about their day while waiting for a response, the inquiry can be properly assigned without the customer being redirected to a variety of different extensions or waiting impatiently on hold. It’s a win-win. 

2) Speed – faster replies make for happier customers

  • When customers use messaging apps personally, we’re writing and receiving answers all day, every day. When they communicate with a company on this channel, especially about a problem, they’re naturally expecting a fast response.
  • Using WhatsApp for business automated responses ensures that an applicant enquiry is answered within 24 hour 

3) Keep it all connected

  • Make sure you connect your WhatsApp Api to Hubspot, Salesforce, or Pipedrive. 
  • This ensures that you’re able to continue nurturing the lead throughout their customer journey. 

4) Be friendly and creative

  • Be casual. 95% of companies use a casual tone with or without emojis. This makes you more approachable. Agencies can win trust by putting formality to the side and engaging with your customers in a more authentic way.
  • All types of media can be used. This is a really good way to share images and videos of the properties that your applicant is inquiring about. 

5) Your virtual notebook

  •  Use WhatsApp as your own personal notebook. Simply create a group with yourself and someone else, remove them, and voila, you have your own private group. You have your own channel for whatever text or images you need to have available ad hoc. You can then easily access these things to share with your customers directly. 

6) Automate it

  • 80% of inquiries are repeated. Setting up a WhatsApp chatbot would make it easier to deal with these. If the case becomes too complex an agent can easily take over.
  • Virtual Customer Assistants (or Chatbots) can help, saving employee time and company resource
    • Here’s a few you can check out
    • AgentBot – Its multiple AI technologies allow for unstructured interactions and can interpret informal language, errors, regionalisms, emojis and voice messages for natural communication.
    •  Botscrew – designing your conversation flow is text-based, but equally intuitive and easy to use.

So there you have it folks! It’s that easy. 

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