Making property sourcing as easy as ordering groceries

Sourcing properties is difficult. Often requiring liaising with other agents it also takes up a lot of your time. With XChange, sourcing properties has become as easy as ordering your groceries on Amazon. 

How does it work?

Our on demand service aims to deliver what the client needs at a moment’s notice. Simply input your applicant’s requirements and give XChange 48 hours to find you relevant property matches. We aim to deliver 100% of our request within 48 hours. 

What do we mean by that? 

 Here’s an example, you have an applicant that is looking for the following criteria: 

  • 1 bedroom flat
  • In Canary Wharf 
  • With a balcony or terrace 

We take these inputs, and then we’ll make sure to find you: 

  • 1 bedroom flat 
  • In Canary Wharf 
  • With a balcony or a terrace 
  • (and one without, just because it has spectacular views) 

We understand that clients can be picky with their requirements, just as much as we understand the property market.

For example, we won’t send you a property that’s in Stratford because we know your applicant won’t like that. The more requirements you share, the better the matches will be. 

 Our knowledge of each borough allows us to consistently source you the properties matching your needs closest. 

This month, how many properties have we sourced?

Our desired target is about 150 properties sourced a week, however, in the course of the last 10 days, we sourced 426 properties. Our average properties sourced per month is about 450 properties. This is done to make sure that our XChange platform runs effortlessly and guarantees you a match at any moment’s notice. Our goal isn’t to have all the properties sourced, we could source 20,000 properties but if they sit stale no one benefits. This is why we make sure to get properties that meet the qualifications from our side, ensuring unparalleled efficiency and turnover.

How many deals have our agents closed? 

Last month, of the properties that were sourced on our platform, 35 deals were closed by agents all across London, and some in Asia as well. 

How much “faster” can you close deals with XChange? 

XChange is here to facilitate your transactions, but we are not involved in the closing of a deal, we leave the fun part for you!

What we can promise is to provide all the stock at matches in order to efficiently close deals with a high turnover rate and let your agency do what it does best. 

We spoke to Shehnaz, a negotiator at Sutherland estates who recently closed a deal “I was able to close a property thanks to Anthony, one of the Account Managers at XChange … I knew that once I sent it to him, it’s done, like a tick off of my list, allowing me to have more time to do my job.” 


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