Making property matching in 48 hours possible

We understand that property sourcing is difficult. Valuable hours or even days are spent by your negotiators trying to find a match for an applicant. Valuable time that could be used elsewhere. This is where XChange comes in. We want to ensure that we can minimise your time spent on finding matches so that you can focus on bringing in more leads. 

How does it work: 

  1. You have a property
    • You have properties, you’re looking for applicants, and you just have too much on your plate already. 
    • Share your property with our network and find an applicant match 
    • If you’re looking to move it faster, find 
  2. You have an applicant
    • Share your applicants requirements and we’ll find a relevant match in 48 hours. 
    • Read more about properties on demand here

How fast can we source a property?

We have a target of delivery of 48 hours, and on average, we aim to deliver in the shortest time frame possible because we understand the value of timing when trying to close a deal. Your success is our success which is why we ensure that you are not left waiting. We spoke to Shehnaz at Sutherland estates who was able to “find applicants, even during COVID times” and because the “execution has been very efficient and timely” was able to close deals during this time period.  

What’s the success rate?

The idea behind XChange is to allow you to have all your matches in one place. Within the ecosystem of our platform, you can find a property and book a viewing all within a minute.

With everything at your fingertips, simply enter a budget and postcode and see which properties are available. Right now around 30% of our successful matches are automatically sourced without trader intervention on our platform and are matched quickly. Can’t find what you’re looking for? Request it and we’ll source it for you. 

Who are you working with? 

The XChange team gives you the advantage of increasing your agency’s reach, and have more hands on sourcing so you can focus on closing the deals. We provide you with a dedicated team, that is knowledgeable about the London property market and that works hand in hand with your needs. 

Besides our platform, our agents are here to offer you the “human touch” aspect. You can communicate with our traders and they are more than happy to assist you in a very short timeframe. 

At XChange, we understand the key role time plays in closing a deal, and how vital it is to get all the information to a client as soon as possible, which is why we aim to give you what you need in 48 hours or less. 

Anum from PropertyPoint is well acquainted with our team, and had this to say about how the traders assisted her: “As soon as we got any technical problem, like searching for example, or whatever the problem may be, it is solved in the same day. Everything is dealt with day by day, without hitches.”

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