4 tools every estate agent needs to grow their business

With the current limited mobility that is imposed on everyone, it’s normal to see real estate portals like Rightmove and Zoopla become increasingly saturated and flooded with agencies and listings. This makes it harder for your agency to stand out. In order to build a lasting relationship with your customers it is important to provide them with the best experience possible. 

Why face being lost in a swarm of competition when you could be looking for new tools and resources that can help your business stand out. 

Below we’ve curated a list of 4 tools we believe every agent needs to stand out in the competitive real estate market. 


1 – XChange

Of course we had to talk about ourselves first,  XChange is a property trading platform allowing you to quickly match your applicants to relevant properties to close more deals. Simply input all the relevant information and let the matching process do the work for you. 

This gives your agency a competitive advantage, allowing you to maximize potential transactions and reducing lead wastage. It also enables you to broaden your horizon, that is, to be able to source properties outside your operating area, and realistically, enabling you to be able to close deals in all four corners of a city.


2 – HomeViews 

HomeViews offers you a centralised base of reviews, coming from residents and property experts. Having accurate and in depth information about a property is incredibly important to market your stock and highlight it above the rest, to make it stand out in a blur of properties. 

This is why HomeViews aims to provide you with the information, sharing relevant insight on residential developments. HomeViews also offers you opportunities to advertise your business and available properties, making you more visible to the public. The platform is free to read, leave or respond to reviews.

3 – Vaboo

Vaboo is a platform that enables you to entice your clients with benefits, allowing you to stand out. They create a tenant reward platform that gives access to exclusive offers, national discounts and regular prize draws to help agents build trust, stand out and collect insights.

Additionally, by keeping your tenants happy these tenants will eventually become buyers. This customer retention is crucial to help your agency increase brand loyalty. 

4 – CoreLogic

CoreLogic offers 3D virtual property conversions of your listings, allowing you to accurately translate your property to prospective clients, and give them a sense of immersion that’s completely virtual and distanced. 

The affordable 3D virtual tour is a better alternative to traditional photography that helps your properties shine and stand above the rest. 

In times where clients might not be as comfortable organising viewings, this tool builds the bridge between your property and your prospective clients, allowing them to experience the property in an immersive way, at any time from anywhere, in return boosting the engagement with your stock and your sales potential.


Whether we’re talking about our property matching platform, CoreLogic’s enhancement of your virtual ads or HomeViews’s database of free and insightful information, trying out these new tools could be your solution to overcome and overshine your competition. 


Now more than ever is the time to broaden your inventory of tools to help you on your journey to success in this market.

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