My Real Estate Story: Diana Nicolaescu

Meet Diana Nicolaescu, the Head of property management at Fortem Property. Diana found herself pursuing a career in Real Estate after she found a job in the industry. Like most, it wasn’t really something she had planned but after realising she had a knack for it she has grown and is now the head of property management at Fortem.


Fortem is a business that was born in the pandemic and one that has thrived. Proving once again that the property market is as strong as it could be. Providing an end-to-end service Fortem focuses on using tech to provide greater transparency for their customers and tenants. 


We spoke of how important it is to embrace technology as a business and a customer to provide a better experience for everyone. That along with the importance of licensing and having credited agents to ensure that a consistent standard of service is provided to customers across the board. 


Watch her interview below.

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